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Introducing helpOS

helpOS is the first collaborative knowlege base software for teams. It's like Google Docs, but for Knowledge Base Articles.

Written by

Karthik Kamalakannan

Published on

August 9, 2023

2018 is when we first started working on featureOS (formerly Hellonext), where we helped product companies collect, organize, and act on customer feedback. We have learned so much since then, and today, we've taken those learnings and our need to use a better product knowledge management platform.

helpOS is the world's first collaborative knowledge base software for teams. It's like all of your team members collaborative on a Google Doc in real-time, and publishing a help article that your customers enjoy reading.

helpOS is the first vertical product we have ever worked on. Every feature that you see on helpOS is meticulously thought out, and built to improve our own work life when it comes to writing tons of knowledge base articles for our customers.

If you own a product, you need helpOS. It simply saves time, effort, and seamlessly makes your work life better without setting a new standard for knowledge base software.

Here are some features we're launching with:

  1. Real-time collaborative editor for help articles

  2. Private article collections and private organizations

  3. Powerful Google Chrome extension that you can use to record your steps, and publish without any effort. Preview here.

  4. Incredibly fast. You or your users need not wait for a page to load to clarify their query. It just magically works.

  5. Simple pricing. We don't you to worry about how much money you would be paying for a platform like helpOS. The pricing is simple, predictable, and easy to understand.

We are also bringing in Generative AI for Knowledge Base articles in the next few weeks. This is not just another product for support teams. helpOS will redefine the entire support desk market, and you are already a part of this change.

Join the waitlist to get access. We're rolling out invites to new customers everyday.